Business Themes

  • Understanding information as an asset
  • EIM as a business program
  • Data and Information Governance
  • Project management, scope and resources
  • Selecting information strategies and priorities

Technology Themes

  • Data and information architecture
  • Getting to semantic consistency
  • Enterprise models
  • Metadata solutions
  • Cloud computing
  • Data services, SOA and virtualization
  • Enterprise search and discovery
  • Social media, wikis and other new technologies


Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has emerged recently in the IT lexicon as a description of the business and technology functions that manage Information as a corporate asset. This conference will discuss the practical requirements for doing just that – turning your information into an organizational asset for increasing value, improving productivity, reducing costs and making better decisions.

About the Conference

Wilshire Conferences is proud to announce their second Enterprise Information Management Conference to be held in Toronto, Canada. The program will focus on EIM as an emerging discipline for tying together all of the enterprise’s information assets and applications.

The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Conference, to be held September 21 - 23, at the Hilton Toronto, is designed to facilitate the interaction of business and IT professionals in kick-starting the EIM agenda for their organizations.

Through tutorials, lectures, discussions and case study sessions, you will gain value from real-world tales of exactly how organizations are implementing the tools and techniques that comprise this emerging discipline.

If you are a business or IT professional shouldering the responsibility of developing your EIM strategy, we hope you will join DAMA International and Wilshire Conferences in Toronto for the Enterprise Information Management Conference. Learn what EIM really is…and how you take it from idea to reality.

What Exactly is EIM?

Let’s start by acknowledging that there is no single, indisputable definition of EIM. Some analysts define it in specific terms, others more generally. Some view it as a data-centric part of the overall information management strategy – the next generation of data administration, while others see it as an integration layer in support of business processes. Gartner, Inc., for example, says that EIM is the logical layer of an IT architecture…use it for your application and integration programs. Forrester, on the other hand, talks about EIM in terms of integrating structured and unstructured data and content. So EIM means different things to different people, but they all coalesce around the idea that the EIM vision is for a truly integrated, holistic information resource to finally become a reality.

Sound like a familiar promise? Yes it is, so what’s different now, in 2010, that might make this promise a reality? That’s what we’re going to talk about at this conference…information management and integration on an enterprise scale which is now technologically feasible and cost effective.

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EIM 2010 Brochure



Take a look inside and see what the EIM Conference is all about, and you’ll know this isn’t an event to miss!

Download the PDF brochure.



Attendee Testimonials

"This event was valuable to me. Several take-aways to assist with defining our EIM and BI Strategy."     --Manager - EIM, Utilities Company

"I am extremely pleased with the material/information presented. I had little expectations but intend to put much of this into practice if I can. Excellent."     --Senior BI Specialist, Transportation Company

"It was very well organized. It was well balanced with expert talks and user experiences, not many sales pitches."    --Sule Alp, Environment Canada



Breaking News

ASG and Phasic Systems Inc. has joined the EIM Conference as Silver Sponsors!

Stephanie Lemieux of Yellow Pages Group added as Keynote Speaker!

Check out the EIM Conference Brochure and see what it's all about!

Enterprise Data Management at Farmers Insurance featured as Case Study

Join us in September 2010 in Toronto, Canada! We are pleased to announce our 2nd Enterprise Information Management Conference on September 21-23, 2010 at the Hilton Toronto.

Hilton Toronto

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The agenda will comprise over 30 presentations, rich with case studies and practical experience, explaining how technologies, products and standards are converging to enable the vision of an integrated information resource.

We invite you to join your colleagues and learn how you can benefit from the next major trend in information integration. If you are a business or IT professional shouldering the responsibility of advancing your enterprise information strategy, then we hope to see you in Toronto this September.